Why Choose Us 

Achieving the best results in criminal law requires a thorough understanding of your case, expert legal knowledge, detailed preparation and briefing, and skilled representation in court.

The keys to a successful defence in criminal law cases are: 


Understanding – we work with you to understand your situation and your goals and we provide an honest assessment of your case. 


Preparation – we undertake a detailed and thorough investigation of your case and identify and pursue all legal and factual issues and opportunities. 


Representation – we secure and brief barristers to provide the best possible representation for you, according to your case and your investment.


Expertise – we draw on our extensive knowledge and experience and call on expert witnesses and consultants as required. 


Communication – we are honest and direct and provide you with full information about your case from the outset. 


Personal – we focus on each individual case and client. We understand the implications of criminal action and we take a supportive role, respecting your views and your privacy. 


                  to arrange a free initial consultation. We will discuss your situation and explain how we can work with you to achieve the best possible result. 



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